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The Time is NOW... We are HERE... for ALL Mankind!

THE EVENT is a powerful and timely worldwide gathering Dec 17-21, 2021, with an audience in excess of 100,000. Some of the confirmed speakers include:

PLUS, recently confirmed speakers: Dr. Ben Tapper, Dr. Christiane Northrup, Kevin Jenkins, Aaron Abke, Devin Vrana, Alec Zeck, Josh del Sol, Dr. Barre Lando, Dr. Larry Palevsky, Mike Winner, Dr. Melissa Sell, Henna Maria, Dr. Brett Jones…. and more leaders being added each day!

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It has been said that "If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together!"

Mankind has arrived at a pivotal point. It is time to choose.

We can choose to give our power away and follow the status quo further into:

Division, Discord, Dis-ease and Enslavement


We can choose to collectively stand in the power that has and will always be ours, if we claim it:

Unity, Joy, Prosperity, and Freedom


We know you see the problems & that YOU are committed to being a part of the solutions!

Together we can reach more people, , impact greater change, & serve at a higher and more effective capacity.




THE EVENT will be

– an extraordinary, world class collective of leaders, innovators, & experts –

– a safe space to address the multidimensional state of current affairs –

– an interactive LIVE immersion to IGNITE & CREATE the change we all know is possible –

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The launch will run from December 1 – December 31

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December 1 – December 16

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December 17 – December 21

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December 26 – 28

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December 19

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The Event DreamTeam

Josh del Sol

ReUnion Summit / The 5G Summit

Alec Zeck

Health Freedom For Humanity

Mike Winner

ReUnion Summit / Music and Sky

Devin Vrana

The Big Idea

Tara Pilling

Diamond Mind Consulting