Six-Week Integrative Mastermind

The Event delivered actionable solutions from dozens of leaders & luminaries 

The question is…  What will you DO with them?

“A Mastermind is the coordination of knowledge and effort of two or more people, who work toward a definite purpose, in the spirit of harmony.” ~ Napoleon Hill

As you invest your time, attention and focus into these days that spend together during the summit, keep these questions handy:
  • How can I use this in my own day today life?
  • What changes do I need to make in my home? In my community?
  • Who will be my accountability team to follow through?
  • Where will I go if I have questions or need support along the way?

If you experienced The Event, we invite you to go deeper in our Luminary Mastermind

Mind is the greatest power in all creation. You can use it to think, to build ideas, to solve any problem. You can use it to literally transform your life and ultimately the planet.  A Mastermind is a group of people that come together to discuss a topic and work towards a goal.


This 6 Week Mastermind will be led by our 5 Event Co-Hosts: Josh del Sol, Tara Pilling, Dr. Devin Vrana, Mike Winner & Alec Zeck with Health Freedom For Humanity. Join hundreds of visionaries, freedom keepers, truth seekers, leaders and light workers from across the world as we work together and mind meld our individual geniuses into a more cohesive whole.


This post-event 6-week intimate, immersive mastermind course will keep the momentum from the summit going and help you apply everything discussed in your own life.
Each week one of our Inspiring Co-Hosts will lead you through the NEXT LEVELS of activation, integration, & liberation.


Luminary Mastermind Members will receive a SPECIAL folder delivered weekly filled with:

  • Tips & Tools.
  • Worksheets & Video Tutorials.
  • Life-Changing Supports & Game-Changing Advice
  • Special Guests & Surprises

In addition, Mastermind Members will receive an invite to a Q&A with that week’s featured Co-Host! This is your opportunity to submit your questions and share in active discussion!
On the sixth and final week, the Co-Hosts & Members will all come together for a MAGICAL week of MOMENTUM to supercharge into 2022!


This one of a kind mastermind will be just what you need to create massive momentum into the new year towards your goal(s) and to deepen connections with The Event community.


January 3, 2022 – February 11, 2022

Week 1 (1/3/22): Wealth & Prosperity hosted by Tara Pilling
Week 2 (1/10/22): Health Freedom & Vitality hosted by Dr. Devin Vrana
Week 3 (1/17/22): Community & Unschooling hosted by Mike Winner
Week 4 (1/24/22): Land & Food hosted by Alec Zeck
Week 5 (1/31/22): Lawful Solutions hosted by Josh del Sol
Week 6 (2/7/22): Review hosted by All 5 Hosts

Generally speaking, each week will follow a similar rhythm:

Monday (ACTIVATE): a folder filled with tools, videos, activities, and resources will be sent from your weekly host. Monday and Tuesday will be dedicated to diving in, and discussing the material in our private Telegram channel.

Wednesday (INTEGRATE): a LIVE presentation (on a private YouTube link) with your weekly host and special guests. Questions can be asked directly in the chat on YouTube. DOWNLOAD SCHEDULE

Friday (LIBERATE): Fridays are for celebrating wins, breakthroughs, and lessons learned. Extra time will be allocated to further support your integration.


Because we don’t want to talk about change… WE are committed to BE THE CHANGE!

Because together we are unstoppable… and, THE TIME IS NOW to strengthen our community connection!

Because we are going to create a new world… and, we understand it all starts within ourselves, within our own homes, within our own careers, within our own communities!

Because hope, light and love are INFECTIOUS & CONTAGIOUS… and, 2022 is our time to SHINE!

Collectively, The Event Co-Hosts will combine decades of training, millions of dollars worth of guidance, & a unique, POWERFUL blend of gifted expertise that’s going to ROCK THE WORLD!!
This is your official invitation to step into your destiny!


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We will see you there!